“How to Get the Most out of Urban Public Schools.”


Odd, but I can’t find the section detailing the importance of demolishing numerous urban neighborhood homes to create fresh new parking lots. Maybe it’s an oversight.

By the way, this …

 … and many other pro-referendum yard signs have been illegally placed. Get ’em out of the verge, Families for Floyd County. We have rules, you know.

The article is:

How to Get the Most out of Urban Public Schools, by Steven Shultis (Strong Towns)

 … I’ve spent so much time defending the idea of the value of the urban school experience, often being attacked by people who assume that my decision to live in an urban place was done with total disregard for my kids, that I had forgotten how important their well-being had been in the decision-making which lead my family and I to live an urban lifestyle. I’ve spent so much time arguing for the urban school experience (hereherehereherehere and here, just to start) that I had forgotten that school was only part of the education my daughters received living in a diverse, traditional, and urban neighborhood.