GHK Truss, a wide load, and untolled bridge, and why we can’t have nice things.


GHK Truss’s “number one priority is to you — the customer.”

Yesterday this vehicle traversed the world’s longest interstate entrance ramp.

City officials giddy as New Albany finally makes Guinness Book of World Records (REPOST).

The trip began in Clarksville, and brought the drive past this sign, which serves as a reminder of New Albany’s enduring enforcement dysfunction.

Further commentary would be superfluous. New Albany has built and maintained its downtown streets to be a pass-through for users like this one, and the rate of abuse can only increase when tolling regimes begin.

At this morning’s Bored of Works meeting, the engineering firm hired by the city to mute and monetize Jeff Speck’s Downtown Street Network Proposal will present its findings.

Will it be QOL, or GHK?