Summers: “Whether or not” there’ll be two-way streets, a public meeting about them will occur on Monday, September 19 at the NAHS Auditorium (6 – 8 pm).


The preceding is from the Bored of Works minutes of last Tuesday (September 6).

It seems odd, doesn’t it?

Right up until the last moment, Team Gahan continues to publicly hedge on the probability of two-way streets — “whether or not” (city engineer Larry Summers) and “possibility” (Mayor Gahan) — and yet there’ll definitely be a public meeting on the 19th in a large venue about something that may or may not even happen.

We may know more tomorrow, when Jim Rice (sadly, not the Red Sox Hall of Famer) of HWC Engineering packs his sausage grinder to the BOW session and begins the task of rendering Speck into adulterated filler to fill cheap casings.

I’m sticking with my April 1, 2016 prediction — no joke.

Know that “traffic calming will occur prior to the tolls,” just don’t mention in which direction.

 … So, I’ll say just this: Mayor Jeff Gahan is going to botch the two-way street dream. It’s going to be an historic choke, composed of equal parts incomprehension, butchery, mockery and farce, and when the mayor finally and officially flushes Speck’s plan down the commode, there’ll be stinky dripping rotten egg on the faces of those who’ve continued to insist that he can be trusted.