“When cars disrespect the crosswalk line.”


A tweet from Cars in Crosswalks was retweeted by Jeff Speck. Watch the loop at Vine: “When cars disrespect the crosswalk line.”

Pedestrians in New Albany witness cars in crosswalks dozens of times daily. Usually the driver’s eyes are fixed in the direction of approaching one-way traffic, and he or she pays no attention to human beings walking.

The last time it happened to me, I kept walking into the street via the crosswalk and stood next to the car as the driver gazed in the opposite direction. When he finally looked, he was startled.

He rolled down the window and asked me what the fuck I was doing, and I said “Waiting for you to move so I can finish crossing.”

He cursed me again, squealed his tires pulling out, circled around the block, and passed me further up the street so that he could throw a third f-bomb as he dashed away. It was a work vehicle, but I didn’t see the phone number to provide an answer to the question of how he was driving.

Boorish auto-centric Kentucky white male Trump voters are really annoying, aren’t they? Why is it that I have to leave their country, and not the other way around?