ASK THE BORED: Can we all have a banner atop the levee, or just the school corporation?


I’ve had several reader questions about the NAFC schools banner currently hanging on degraded remains of the structure atop the levee by the amphitheater.

Because I’ll be out of town, I cannot attend this week’s BOW meeting and ask them. Perhaps someone else will.

Strictly speaking, the marketing campaign in question is about student recruitment, and in theory, the banner does not reference the referendum.

However, it’s been a thinly veiled sidestep all along, with “YES” in big letters and “enroll” written very small. Rightly or wrongly, there’s no doubt in the minds of many in the city that the secondary intent of these and other variously sized “yes” signs is to encourage a “yes” referendum vote.

But this isn’t my point. 

Does every organization have equality of opportunity to use this elevated space for ads?

Is there a Board of Works procedure for such?

NA Confidential would love to have the exposure. Where do I register? Can someone point me to the Board of Works minutes indicating discussion and approval of the school corporation banner as currently placed?

Or, is it first-come, first-served?

By the way, here’s the list of school board filings for the fall election, and here’s a link to a previous letter exploring our school corporation’s marketing strategies, because …

As enrollment declines, L.A. public schools borrow a tactic from the charters: marketing, by Anna M. Phillips (Los Angeles Times)