Why I still love The Economist: Bog snorkelling and a really big tomato fight.


The Economist Espresso is a short morning briefing that comes to me via iPhone app. It isn’t published on Sunday, and on Saturday, the tone turns more lighthearted.

I’d heard of the Spanish fiesta dedicated to tomato fights.

Saucy: La Tomatina“​On Wednesday, Buñol in Spain will again host the world’s biggest food-fight. The first rule is your weapon must be a tomato.”

However, this is a new one.

Murky affairs: bog-snorkelling“Held annually in Wales, the competition attracts athletes from around the world, who must swim two 55m lengths through a trench of murky, leech-filled water.”

It’scoming close to 30 years for me as a subscriber to The Economist. Good stuff still.