I read the news today. Jeff Gahan has made a brief but articulate public case for two-way streets. No, I’m not drunk.



The News and Tribune’s staff reshuffle earlier this week placed Elizabeth Beilman in the local government coverage chair, and immediately, if though by magic, the most substantive words about two-way streets ever spoken by Mayor Jeff Gahan for attribution are right there, out of the down low bunker and on the public record.

Maybe City Hall didn’t think highly of Bill Hanson’s 11-month news blackout, either.

Could it be that without a New Albany beat reporter, there was no reporter to ask a simple question like, “What’s up with two-way streets?” Imagine if this had been Chris Morris instead of Beilman. He’d have called in an Irv Stumler propaganda strike to provide the opposing point of view from the respectable, venerated elder strata.

It’s bad form for me to reprint this article verbatim, so I won’t, but PLEASE proceed past the opening tease, click through and read entire piece. You’ll be shocked and amazed. It’s Jeff Gahan as you’ve never, ever heard him … apparently reading straight from my NAC teleprompter.

As the bookseller notes elsewhere …

A win is a win, but I’m still cautious.

That’s sums it up on my part, too. Trust but verify, and I’ll believe it when I see it. There’ll be much more to say, but for now, the dog gets his day.

New Albany two-way streets hearings coming next month

Mayor: Decision to be made by end of year

NEW ALBANY — The city of New Albany is hosting public hearings to discuss two-way street conversions as early as next month, Mayor Jeff Gahan said.

“There’s no question we have too many one-way streets in New Albany,” Gahan said.

The discussions come after an 18-month waiting period wherein city officials reviewed a proposal from planner Jeff Speck on converting New Albany’s one-way streets to two ways.

Gahan said the “extended process” has allowed for internal discussions on all options.

“Before the end of the year, we’ll be making some decisions on which streets will be continue to be one way and which one will be converted,” Gahan said.