“Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words.”


Not only that, but a second documentary about Frank Zappa is in production. Thanks to D for the cue.

New Frank Zappa Doc Wows at Sundance 2016: ‘Eat That Question’ charts iconoclastic musician’s entire career through archival clips and Zappa’s own words, by David Fear (Rolling Stone)

It would be somewhat easy to do a straightforward documentary on Frank Zappa: zoom in on some grainy B&W pictures of him as an R&B-loving teen; chart his rise from Sixties avant-rock bandleader to symphonic composer, from antiestablishment iconoclast to anticensorship activist; interview some of the dozens, if not hundreds, of musicians inspired by him; drop in a few nuggets of We’re Only In It for the Money or 200 Motels–era concert footage. Of course, Zappa was never one to do anything the easy, or easily comprehensible, way — we’re talking about an artist who composed a concerto for two bicycles and railed against the norm at every opportunity. Better, then, to honor his life and work with a jagged, collage-like assembly of archival footage. And, given the eloquence and biting wit he displayed in his lyrics, Congressional testimonies and conversations, to let the man speak for himself.