Tonight at OLPH: Mt. Tabor Campaign Finance Restoration and Propaganda Safety Project spoonfeeding.


Don’t forget tonight’s latest spoonfeeding set piece in Team Gahan’s ongoing crusade to delicately balance the needs of City Hall’s propaganda directorate against the campaign monetization stemming from public works Federal roadway funding bonanzas.

A public project review and open house is set for Aug. 22, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1752 Scheller Lane, New Albany, in the basement area. Representatives from the engineering consultants for the project, Beam, Longest, and Neff, along with city officials will be available to answer questions or concerns brought up by neighbors.

Isn’t this the mayor’s home field in Papist terms? Meanwhile, you can bet John Rosenbarger will be riding point tonight, so wear your best condescension-resistant fabrics.

But face it, you’d rather OLPH bear the clean-up responsibility than risk Rosenbarger dispensing unctuousness on your own front porch. Talk about a brown field.

This evening, what’s already been decided will be explained to you. You’re feeling better already, right? Someone asked whether Mayor Gahan will be in attendance.

Probably not. He’s busy with the two-way street effort, you know.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Mt. Taborites: “They’re looking at it as more of an arterial road to move traffic though than a quality of living project.”

On Thursday, Blair and Knable decried the “open house” plan of operations for Monday’s public spoon-feeding session, which strongly resembles the bridges junta’s model from five years ago as well as Team Gahan’s ongoing propensity to dispense the latest fait accompli (look it up, corporate attorney) as decided behind closed doors.