ASK THE BORED: Finally, an Honest Sharrow in an otherwise dishonest burg.


Here at NA Confidential, we’re the volunteer sidewalk superintendents.

We spend time each day, documenting the often yawning gap between what City Hall’s propaganda machine says it is doing, and how this jibes (or doesn’t) with reality out on the mean streets.

Readers with long memories will remember Jeff Speck, who was commissioned two (three? Does it even matter?) years ago by Mayor Jeff Gahan to devise a Downtown Street Grid Proposal, subsequently printed on extra soft paper and sliced into handy squares for use in the Executive Loo at the mayor’s Down Low Bunker.

Speck has started a Twitter campaign, using the hashtag #honestsharrow — another concept unknown in New Albany.

Sharrows in New Albany: “A low-cost way for cities to say they’re doing something about safety and street design without really doing much at all.”

Speaking of auto-centrism, here’s another defective pedestrian crossing button.

Back in the neighborhood: ADA the hard way, on 11th Street between Spring and Market.

We could go on and on … and do, but there’s a merchant mixer meeting to catch. In the Bored’s spare time, here are some issues to consider.

#GahanSafe: All the push-button “walk” signals for crossing Spring at Pearl are defective, and have been for five months to a year.

Moldering pile of shit celebrates three-month anniversary by the sidewalk in front of Ron Craig’s rental property on Market Street.

The mark of The Pirate? If so, the orange paint would be applied to the sign itself, not the post.

In NA, too? “Traffic Safety Advocates Taking Action Into Their Own Hands.”

No decision has been reached on new Street Piano Project, says Board of Works and Public Safety.

Not that we expect answers, mind you. In New Albany, the art’s in the question, so that posterity can be the ultimate judge.