Google New Albany? We’ll just have the same architectural firm build another pole barn and stick it on a hill by State Street.


It’s easy to be skeptical of such a vision, and Google’s initial efforts were rejected by local planning authorities, although there has been movement recently toward a resolution: Google Might Build Its North Bayshore Campus After All.

Still, words and phrases jump out at you: Historic city models … buildings that use less energy and water … a humanistic spirit … working with nature … how transit will look in the future … the undermining of quality of life owing to the needs of cars.

Ideas (useful or otherwise) cannot grow without passing into common currency, and they’ll never become widespread without being mentioned aloud and discussed. Whether Google succeeds or not, the ideas are in the public domain at Mountain View.

In New Albany, we keep them imprisoned in Redevelopment. What we get is Summit Springs and rotary dial, not North Bayshore and Google.