Where’d you get those birds? Somehow New Albany’s water park fails to retain yet another business.


Bill Hanson gave the wheel a mighty and heroic heave, but couldn’t figure out any way to insert a “Pokemon: Pro or Con?” poll directly into Morris’s copy, so Papa plays it straight and elegant, providing the city’s Dishevelment Director with sufficient rope for self-suspension.

VT Industries closing New Albany plant, by Chris Morris (Show Us Your River Ridge)

VT Industries will soon be closing its doors in New Albany.

The company currently employs around 120 people and produces laminate countertops, architectural wood and thermo foil doors …

 … David Duggins, New Albany’s director of economic development and redevelopment, said the city had no prior knowledge of VT Industries desire to close its plant in the Industrial Park. He said the city, along with 1si and WorkOne, will help laid off workers find new employment and said there are some companies planning future expansions, which will add to the growing job market.

“We have a lot of job growth and I think we can absorb those employees, in that salary range, in no time,” Duggins said.

He said an existing company in Industrial Park is looking at a “substantial” expansion soon, but he did not name the business.

You may recall that neither Duggins nor his immediate superior from the Down Low Bunker’s executive suite knew Pillsbury was leaving.

They also didn’t know turkeys couldn’t fly, so enjoy this clip from last week’s Redevelopment fixer.