Look at Gahan hide, hide. Not to worry, because John “Human Shield” Rosenbarger is standing by, eager to obfuscate.


Look at granny run, run, and grandpa runnin’ close behind.
Look at granny run, run, there’s something on grand-daddy’s mind.
He went to the doctor, got a brand new pill.
The doctor said, “son, you ain’t over the hill.”
Now he can’t sit still.
Great, gosh, almighty, won’t you …

In which we find the rock band Grand Funk Railroad anticipating the advent of Viagra by a full quarter century on this otherwise average album track from the album All the Girls in the World Beware!!! (1974).

In other news, it took a long while, but the intentionally understaffed Jeffersonville-based “community” newspaper has clanked ineffectually into gear, producing drab content, but inadvertently shining a tepid light on the Gahan regime’s boilerplate, namely that the mayor himself won’t personally be touching this one.

After the link, view the letter Gahan sent to residents of the vicinity.

Some New Albany residents line up against road project; work on Mount Tabor Road, Klerner Lane intersection to begin next year, by Chris Morris (Hanson Ad Aggregator Jeffersonville)

 … The reconstruction project will cost around $6.5 million, of that the city is responsible for 20 percent — or about $1.3 million — with the federal government paying the rest.

“In the meantime, project and city officials will be contacting residents directly as they pertain to individual concerns,” Rosenbarger said. “We recognize the need to improve communication.”

Rosenbarger said the neighbors and residents will be proud of the project once it’s complete.

“It will transform the neighborhood, it’s just a little painful getting there,” he said. “But people will be pleased when it’s finished.”

Down here on Spring Street, we already have sidewalks. We just need the city to mow them every now and then.

I can’t understand why they’re not assuaged by the opportunity to work together with the machine.