Guffaws greet Keith Henderson for Circuit Court Judge: “Reprimand recommended against Floyd County Prosecutor … over actions in David Camm case.”

Photo from WLKY.

Keith Henderson has been our Floyd County prosecutor since the beginning of time (or around 2002), and currently is attempting to outpace the ethical morass of his own making by running for Floyd County Circuit Judge against another longtime occupant, Judge Terry Cody.

Because in a hotly contested campaign for circuit court judge, no publicity is BAD publicity, right?

But it gets even funnier, because Democratic Party conniver-in-chief Adam Dickey has penned a by-the-same-tired-partisan-numbers press release quoting himself (shock and awe) in recommending Henderson’s withdrawal from the November ballot.

“It’s time we elected people of high morals that can help rebuild the trust citizens have lost in their government. Mr. Henderson is not that person.”

For that matter, neither is Dickey’s Frankenstein monster of a political money vacuum creation, Jeff Gahan — but yes, Gahan was voted back into office fair and square, and by the same standard, Henderson should be allowed to be rejected at the polls … or not.

Perhaps that’s what worries Adam so much.

Reprimand recommended against Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson over actions in David Camm case, by Travis Kircher (WDRB)

The hearing officer of the Indiana Disciplinary Commission has recommended that the Indiana Supreme Court issue a public reprimand against Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson over his actions in the David Camm case.

The recommendation came down on Wednesday, Aug. 3.

Specifically, the recommendation found that Henderson’s pursuit of a deal to write a book about the case between Camm’s second and third trials violated an ethics rule prohibiting attorneys from negotiating publicity rights arising from representation of their clients.