Al Knable gets some ink and pitches an Affordable Housing Trust Board.


Delve into Amanda Beam’s column to learn the details of Dr. Knable’s affordable housing proposal, and ask yourself a question: Apart from deposed councilman John Gonder, when’s the last time you heard an entrenched local Democrat so much as mention the phrase “affordable housing”?

BEAM: Knable offers common sense solutions during first year on New Albany council, by Amanda Hillard Beam (CNHI Jeffersonville)

 … And now Knable has his eye on a new plan he believes can both restore abandoned and blighted properties and bring much-needed affordable housing to the area. His soon-to-be proposed Affordable Housing Trust Fund should work much like the Louisville model on which it is based. Every NA district would qualify.

“What I’m looking to try to do is fill a niche that kind of fills these areas that might otherwise fall through the cracks because these homes and buildings are scattered throughout the city,” Knable said.