I’ll be voting for Dennis O. Roudenbush, the independent candidate for Floyd County 3rd District Commissioner.


In the aftermath of county government’s sale of the hospital, it’s more important than ever before to have responsible officials on hand to ensure the largess is properly managed.

I believe independent candidate Dennis Roudenbush fits this definition, and I’ll be voting for him in November.

There are three county commissioners. In recent years, one has been a Democrat (Chuck Freiberger, up for re-election this year) and two have been Republican. One of these is Mark Seabrook, whose seat is not being contested in 2016. The second is Steve Bush, who has decided not to run, hence the open seat being sought by Roudenbush.

To be perfectly frank, after these years of GOP control in the commissioner’s wing, the idea of a principled independent exercising the swing vote is something I find mighty appealing, far more so than a Democrat-turned-Republican (Billy Stewart) or an inexperienced but Dickey-approved Democrat (Josh Williams).

Dennis O. Roudenbush for Floyd County 3rd District Commissioner

Hello, my name is Dennis Roudenbush, and I am running as an independent candidate for the office of Floyd County 3rd District Commissioner. Every voter in Floyd County is eligible to vote for me as there are 3 district Commissioners and all three are voted by the whole county, not just their District. I have been a registered Democrat since the age of 21, but after much thought and prayers I made the decision to become an Independent.

I do believe in the two major parties, but I do not see the parties working together for you.

I became an independent because I don’t agree or disagree with every policy of either the Democrats or Republican parties. In my heart, I believe I can honestly serve the citizens of Floyd County better without a particular party affiliation. Our county, state, and national office holders have a problem getting things done because each appears concerned only with what is right for their respective party and not the citizens they serve.