Join Gregg Seidl for a farewell Drinking with the Dead haunted history tour on Saturday, August 20.

In 2011.

A glance back to mid-May:

Lending a hand to Gregg Seidl: “Moving Toward What I Am Meant to Do.”

In a nutshell, Gregg is at gofundme to raise funds for relocation to Savannah. Granted, there are numerous worthy causes in the world, and it is your decision when it comes to prioritizing them.

The effort continues, and Gregg’s getting closer to the big move. He provides an update, and a final local opportunity for Drinking with the Dead.

I’ll be hosting my last Drinking With the Dead haunted history tour of New Albany on Saturday, August 20, 2016, and like all of my tours this one will begin at Hugh E. Bir’s on the corner of East 4th and Market streets. Ticket prices are $15 and tips and/or other donations will be accepted as this will be my last opportunity to raise funds for the move.

Read the update here, and consider attending the tour.