How long will Adam Dickey allow Steve Bonifer to talk about poverty and jobs before the muzzle and the chairman’s honed incisors daintily flash?


Against all odds, Steve Bonifer has offered voters one and a half interesting sentences at his campaign web site.

Let us pause to celebrate this amazing achievement.

I’d have bet a five-spot that Adam Dickey would speedily excise any attempt at genuine platform content undertaken by one of his stable of well-groomed, ambitious future political fundraisers and gravy-ladling functionaries.

Bonifer, who is the mayor’s brother-in-law (“New Albany Is Where You Should Be in One Famil-ee”), is running against Ed Clere in the District 72 House race. Bonifer also is the third consecutive school teacher to run against Clere, and that’s just plain weird, isn’t it?

Did the teacher’s union bid that job? Meanwhile, I’ve highlighted the interesting one and a half sentences.

For the past eight years, I have seen my state regressing in many areas of concern to me. Infrastructure improvements, a multitude of education issues, equality of rights under the law for all residents, and the problems that stem from poverty in our state. We need meaningful, financially rewarding job opportunities for all of our citizens. These issues and more should guide decision-making and priorities in spending future tax dollars and the tax dollars the state has already collected.

During his 2015 campaign for mayor, Jeff Gahan studiously avoided mention of poverty and jobs. It looks like someone didn’t get the talking points memo at the last Family gathering.

It probably will be found down by the levee, wrapped around some cigars. Is the flood control son-in-law still on the job, or has it passed to Mickey now?