Bicentennial commission financial trail? What’s two (yawn) weeks (shrug) after 463 days?

And those pesky dual city seals. 

Tomorrow will mark two weeks elapsed since the anticipated date for learning how Bob Caesar’s jigged Bicentennial Enfluffment Commission (BlECh) handled the cash.

Lawyer Daggett’s vocabulary homework: Dilatory, unpunctual and “perhaps it’s time to ring the Indiana public access counselor.”

Hail, Caesar … and make it 463 days. How much time and how many pencil erasers does this man need to honor a simple request?

418 days later, it’s obvious that Bob Caesar doesn’t care for you to know how the Bicentennial money was spent.

How very helpful. Obviously, Caesar isn’t interested in taxpayers knowing how many of those 5,000 books remain unsold and non-glad-handed, or if the redevelopment commission’s loan was paid back. What, didn’t those lavishly illustrated tomes written by an outsider-for-hire sell like veritable hotcakes?