The next merchant meeting is July 19 at 8:30 a.m. at Cafe 157.

Cafe 157 at Fb.

Verbatim, as received from Develop New Albany.

Note that I’ve not reproduced the two handouts, but if you’d like to have them, let me know and I’ll forward.

Lots of information in this email:

Next meeting is at Cafe 157 on Main St on July 19th, 8:30 am.

Dream Boutique is planning on an event on September 9th, but would like to make sure nothing else is planned then. So if you know of anything going on that date, please let us know.

Yvonne is collecting attached form for Emergency contact info for the Police Dept. Please fill out and you can email to me, Yvonne dbldb54(at)aol(dot)com or bring filled out to the meeting on the 19th. If you have a neighbor that does not attend the meeting please share this with them. We want everyone to be invited so if you know someone that is not on our email list, please let me know.

Brad Needham, President of the Harvest Homecoming- They have been ask for a NO SMOKING ban at the Festival. Nothing has been decided and before they would make any decision they want to know your opinion. Please email brad_needham(at)att(dot)net

Do you know of something that would be a good topic for our meetings, please let Kim or I know.



Merchant/Business Minutes June 21st, 2016

About 32 in Attendance

Thanks again to Stacie at Seeds and Greens for hosting in June.

Thanks also to Kari McGilvra from Southeast ISBDC for presenting Social Media Advertising, it was very informative and we have attached the handout from that day. The Southeast ISBDC has a lot of resources for all of our small business needs. Julie and Kari would be happy to assist you anyway they can.

We talked about Updates- If you look around a lot is going on Downtown with our buildings. We should start seeing some new faces very soon. Please be sure to reach out and Welcome them.

Seeds and greens has about 2,300 sq. ft in the front of the building for lease. They are looking for retail, if you know of anyone please have them contact Staci.

Courtney announced new date for the Street Dinner, September 12th, 2016. Amanda from Madhouse and Brittani from Dress and Dwell are working together on the street set up. Both of these ladies are so talented we can’t wait to see what they come up with. We will update you more as we have more information.

Concerts in Bicentennial Park (Courtney)- Concerts with continue each Friday night from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the last concert will be on September 2nd. Some merchants have indicated they were staying open a little later on that evening.

Tourism updates (LuAnne) – They are updating the website which will help us as businesses to get more visibility, If you have good pictures of events they are please send to them for the website and Visitors Guide. She is also looking for big events that are Midwest Magazine worthy that she can pitch to them.

We have lots of out of town people coming who want to eat and shop so please train your employees what we have to offer, be community minded.

Parking reminder-
The top two levels of the parking garage are free, we have various other places that are also free parking, please educate your employees and tell your customers where these parking spaces are.

Conversation started about having maps on corners, possibility one near Farmers Market on the Large metal box. Update to be given at next meeting.

Yvonne has come up with a form to give to the Police department so they will have emergency contact information. We will be sending this out.

Bob Lane from the Housing Authority came they are looking for jobs for people who live in affordable housing.

Larry Ricke said A study was done of what was needed Downtown in the early 90”s and might be of interest for us to take a look at now. He thought it was in the redevelopment office (John Rosenburger’s office Larry also suggested we play off more on Louisville and the boat to draw people to our area.

Ribbon Cutting & Celebration on Saturday July 9th, Colokial on Pearl at Noon. Ali has been closed this week for renovation and will be re-opening on Saturday.

Next meeting is July 19th, 8:30 am at Café 157 on Main St.