On the 285-day anniversary of the News and Tribune’s last New Albany beat reporter, an editorial about guns.


By our Jeffersonville-based chain paper’s normal standards, this editorial is timely to the point of bizarre. The only changed variable compared with past inconsistencies is the arrival of Susan Duncan as editor, so my guess is we have her to thank.

Thank you.

Now, about the 10-month-long chasm of a hiatus in truly meaningful coverage of New Albany news? C’mon, dudes. Your Hanson is showing.

OUR OPINION: Our national dilemma: guns

The Constitution on which the Second Amendment is written can no longer sop up the blood staining our streets; it is saturated.

It is far too easy for those intent on evil to obtain guns in America. Our denial of that truth will only result in more deaths. It is time we, as a nation, have an open discussion about stricter and more comprehensive background checks. While most states require a basic background check, nothing keeps us from purchasing a gun from a neighbor or someone off the street, where no background check is needed.

For the record …

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