Ways that Mike Pence has not made Indiana great again.


Vice President Pence.

If something happened to President Trump, Vice President Pence would become President Pence.

Hilarious, isn’t it?

Ten times Pence didn’t make Indiana great again, by the editors of NUVO Editors

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is very possibly going to be Donald Trump’s pick for vice-president — and that’s a sentence we can’t believe we’re actually writing.

And that’s because, in the eyes of many Hoosiers, Pence has not exactly made Indiana great, as Trump famously claims he’ll do for America. In fact, Pence was removed from presidential consideration by the GOP after a series of … let’s say unfortunate events.

Readers beyond the great Hoosier state, here’s a primer on Mike Pence and all the ways he has not made Indiana great again.