Freiberger waxes defiant, Seabrook wheezes offended and Gahan daintily skips critical hospital sale meeting to raise funds for State Senate quest.


Going, going … gone.

Between Floyd Memorial’s board, the county council and county commissioners — nineteen public stewards in all — only Chuck Freiberger’s “no” vote broke the placid spell of our collective payday.

Jerod Clapp provides solid coverage, and the C-J’s Lexy Gross excels with this glimpse of the hilarity.

“We should’ve been told about the sale and the process before any of this took place,” said commissioner Chuck Freiberger, who had the lone “no” vote. “… Are we really getting a good deal for the hospital?”

Later, commissioner Mark Seabrook addressed Freiberger’s concern in a heated argument about the transparency of the deal. “It offends me that someone would question my integrity,” Seabrook said.

New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan had similar concerns days ago, when he released a statement online explaining his disapproval of the deal and asked residents to email public officials with concerns before Tuesday’s crucial vote.

Gahan was not at Tuesday’s meeting.

Let the harvest of county government “must have” post-it notes begin.