Placing a dollar value on the services that street trees perform.

Has Judge Cody read this  article?

Back in April, I attended a Tree Board meeting.

Unlike New Albany, “The people of Somerville, Massachusetts really, really care about trees.”

New Albany’s Tree Board — statute, staff and board members.

Come to think of it, I’m still waiting on the information I requested from the Tree Board, though the duration has yet to approach epic Caesarean standards of non-cooperation.

418 days later, it’s obvious that Bob Caesar doesn’t care for you to know how the Bicentennial money was spent.

At any rate, consider what our urban trees are actually worth, and thanks to B for the tip.

Trees lining California streets are worth an extra $1 billion a year, by Clayton Aldern (Grist)

It’s not easy to price a tree, but a group of researchers from the U.S. Forest Service and U.C. Davis have tried to do exactly that.

Working with a dataset of about 900,000 trees that line California’s public streets, the group sought to place a dollar value on the services those trees perform, which include “energy savings, carbon storage, air pollutant uptake, and rainfall interception.”

All told, the researchers estimate the trees contribute about $1 billion annually — nearly $111 per tree for each of the state’s 9.1 million street trees.