Move along. Nothing to see here at 312 Bank Street. Go peddle your papers.


“I didn’t even know we had a Democratic Party hereabouts,” said a friend.

Don’t worry. I fixed it.

Meanwhile, the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission doesn’t have much information on the house at 312 Bank Street.

A house, gable-front, built circa 1860.

Ah, but a special type of house. Another friend chimed in.

“The upper part of that building used to be a cathouse. I learned it from my grandfather and his best friend. The best friend was the sheriff for a long time.”

Bluegill had the final word.

“Funny how they’ve switched floors over the years.”

My initial thought was to quote Rodney Dangerfield from the movie Caddyshack: “The biggest waste of prime real estate.” However, taking it all into consideration, it’s home sweet home.