Earning stripes? A hands-down winner in the safe streets t-shirt contest.


The Green Mouse has selected a winner: Only malcontents favor safe streets, so let’s have a t-shirt.

But there’s even more: “My entry is attached. $100 on Amazon if you need one in real life.”

Rust-Oleum 2395000 Professional Striping Machine

Product Description
A quality line marker for use on grass/dirt fields and for marking parking lots/lanes. Sturdy steel construction with 4 large easy rolling wheels. Lightweight housing includes windscreen, fingertip on/off lever, storage for 12 extra cans and simple 2″ – 4″ line width adjustment. Non-toxic aerosol spray goes straight downward for complete coverage. Maintenance free, no messy clean up.

From the Manufacturer
Rust-Oleum Striping Machine makes it easy to apply sharp, crisp, consistent lines.

Yes indeed, Jim. I think I will.