Injuries apparently were minor, but another driver struck another walker yesterday at Spring and Vincennes. Repeat after me: “Water park!”


Yesterday (Wednesday, June 1) just before noon, news of another walker struck at the Spring and Vincennes intersection was reported at the New Albany Indiana Fb page.

Later, the poster provided the Green Mouse with details.

I own a police scanner. At approximately 11:30 a.m. a man was hit at the Spring and Vincennes intersection. A few minutes later the cop came on and stated he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Other than that I haven’t heard anything else.

On Councilman Al Knable’s Fb page:

As I was eating lunch today another individual was struck at that intersection … not 100% certain (of the outcome). The driver made a left turn and struck the pedestrian crossing Vincennes. I did notice the officer observing the signals.

Two sources are enough to publish, but there are no additional details at present. In the meantime, here are two informative links for those wishing to crawl from beneath the wreckage of fetishistic American autocentrism.


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