A Band-Aid will do, so a relieved Bob Caesar takes down his GoFundMe page for Spring Street Hill.


“Wait,” said Councilman Caesar. “I’ve got a whole garage filled with paving stones, and we can use them to patch the hole until the GoFundMe thing takes off.”

Below (courtesy of Al Knable) are views of the before and after.

Meanwhile …

Mother Nature called. Wants her planning and engineering credentials back. Says to shove your campaign kickbacks.

Without cooking classes or reality TV shows to confuse it, the newspaper actually provides coverage.

Sinkhole closes Spring Street Hill in New Albany; Repair may be completed by end of week, by Chris Morris (Clark County Jailhouse Compendium)

NEW ALBANY — Dr. Al Knable admits being a “pretty observant guy,” which may have helped prevent a car accident or injury along a section of Spring Street Hill on Sunday.

Knable, an At-large member of the New Albany City Council, said he had been watching a section of the hill for about two weeks. He said he noticed it Sunday morning, and two hours later said it had opened up “a little more.” He called the New Albany Street Department Director Mickey Thompson who Knable praised for his prompt attention to the issue. The road was quickly closed.

The sinkhole turned out to eventually be four feet wide by six foot deep, Knable said.

Knable said “it’s an unspoken fear” for the people who travel the road regularly to be observant and to look out for possible shifts or sinkhole. The road was closed for several weeks a few years ago due to a cave in, but that was in a different section, Knable said.

Engineers inspected the area and determined that there was a small crack in the culvert running underneath the road, according to a release from Mike Hall with the mayor’s office. Water began to filter through the crack, pulling the soil with it. Eventually, this caused the asphalt to recede and give out, causing a hole in the road and forcing the road to be closed to traffic.

“After conversations and recommendations from our engineering consultants, a polymer solution will be used to fill the crack in the culvert, which will prevent future leaks,” said Joe Ham, stormwater coordinator, in the release.

This repair is expected to be finished by the end of the week, if not sooner.