Video: “Romania: The Spectre of Tyranny.”


The documentary dates from 2012, and seeks to explain totalitarianism’s lingering hangover in Romania.

“According to a recent survey, 70% of Romanians believe that wealth comes from illegal means. 17% believe that in order to achieve prosperity, you must have personal contacts and recommendations. This  means 87% believe the wealth generated in Romania only comes from dishonest methods. This reflects the distrust the Romanians have for their own progress.”

The critique is  unsparing, and the conclusion unsurprising: Once the over-40s have gone, a functional civil society may be possible — assuming the under-40s haven’t all moved away.

Romania’s 50-year dictatorship caused social problems, poverty, and political and economic instability. A young Romanian journalist uncovers the continuing legacy of Nicolae Ceausescu’s tyranny that still casts an enduring influence over people’s lives today.

Ironically, also the goal of the local Democratic Party.