Lori Sympson’s campaign for safe streets: Sign the petition, and “like” the Fb page.


Lori Sympson has started a Facebook page, and it is self-explanatory.

Safer Streets/Justice for Chloe Allen

A dear friend of mine was hit and killed trying to cross the street. My goal is to get New Albany’s streets safer; in honor of my friend and her family.

She also opened a petition at Change.org, and we don’t expect to see Warren Nash’s name there any time soon.

Safer Streets for Pedestrians In New Albany Indiana

The people who cross the streets need to feel safe! In honor of my friend Chloe L(Babcock) Allen. She was hit by a driver at the corner of E. Spring and Vincennes St. As a community we need to come together and make sure nobody else dies. Join with me for everybody’s safety. Our mayor and street dept could make this happen.

Be a malcontent,  and help penetrate the purposeful unresponsiveness of Jeff Gahan’s down-low bunker with a signature.

ON THE AVENUES: On the crass exploitation and politicization of tragedy.

Dangerous intersections: Something for Greg Phipps to consider, though it’s unlikely they will.

Watch this moving video from the late Chloe Allen’s friend: “If anything good can come of this, it’ll be that this intersection is made safer.”

ON THE AVENUES: Requiem for the bored.

City Hall crassly exploits the death of a walker in order to brag about its achievements.

“New Albany has a long way to go on street safety,” says Broken Sidewalk in an understatement for the ages.

R.I.P. Chloe Allen.

“For we are the killers. We blithely tolerate a street grid with 48-foot-wide streets that pedestrians are expected to navigate without the sanction of government protection.”