No need to build a fire: Trash pickup questions answered by Ecotech/SIWS.

Looks like Wild Bill Allen has bulk items for bundling.

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New Albany trash, garbage pickup questions answered; Storm in March delayed trucks, by Chris Morris (Eastside Tidings)

NEW ALBANY — There has been some confusion among New Albany homeowners about what kind of trash will be picked up by Ecotech/SIWS on a weekly basis.

Bryan Slade, president of Ecotech/SIWS, told the New Albany Board of Public Works & Safety on Tuesday that his crews have been working six days a week picking up bulk items from residents. He said a storm in March put his trucks behind and they are just now getting caught up.

“After those storms we collected 74 tons of material,” he said. “It put us behind.”

Slade also said there has been some confusion in what his trucks will pick up on a weekly basis, which includes:

• Weekly garbage pickup

• Total of 10 bags and or bundles of limbs

• Branches and limbs must be less than three feet long and no larger than three inches diameter, tied and bundled.

• All yard waste must be placed at the curb or in alley, wherever garbage is picked up prior to 7 a.m. on the regular pickup day

• Bags of grass and leaves cannot weigh more than 50 pounds

Slade said some homeowners are confused about items that his trucks will not pickup which is regulated by city ordinances. Those items include large tree branches, stumps, lumber, construction materials, appliances using Freon and hazardous liquid items like oil based paint or medications.

Ecotech/SIWS will collect up to three large, bulk items at a time. Slade said it’s important for residents to call 812-944-4018 to make an appointment to have the bulk items collected. He said trucks do travel throughout the city, but it is easier if they know where the items to collect are located. The bulk items need to be placed where the regular trash is collected by 6 a.m. Trucks will pick up one tire at a time, but it must be off the rim.

Slade also told the BOW that his crews have had issues recently with needles being placed in garbage and are taking precautions.

“Safety is our number one concern,” he said.

Garbage will be picked up a day later than normal next week due to Monday being Memorial Day …