We’ve heard of stripper poles, but this sidewalk pole is a marvel of genuine INDOT innovation.


NA Confidential tends to restrict its gaze to New Albany, but when the Green Mouse received this photograph from a Georgetown resident, it seemed too weirdly instructive to ignore. The submission is appreciated.

It is at the corner of Walts Road. INDOT is paving the highway through Georgetown. Under Title 5 they have to put in ramps. Georgetown has nothing to do with (the pole). It is all on INDOT. My guess is if they can get away with this they will, hoping that when all said and done Georgetown will have to go to the expense to get it moved.

Goodness gracious, even John Rosenbarger hasn’t commissioned anything this bizarre. INDOT can be inspiration, all right, as in this recent New Albany episode.

City engineer Larry Summers and INDOT explain why there is no crosswalk at Main and W. 1st Streets (1 of 2).

It reminds me of the old saying in the USSR during Stalin’s rule:

“Engineers — can’t live with ’em, but there’s always Siberia.”