Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello captures the “submitting to authority” component of New Albany’s zeitgeist.


I know, I know.

It’s here, Shane. As for the interview at Rolling Stone

In a new interview for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, guitarist Tom Morello talked about the political nature of music. “100 percent of music is political. Music either supports the status quo or challenges the status quo. So every artist is political,” Morello said.

“Now, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez probably don’t identify as political artists, but their music – while often very entertaining and loved by their fan base – is the bread and circuses of our times,” Morello added. “If you’re not questioning authority, you’re tacitly submitting to authority. And that’s not to say I have a long list of booty-shaking jams on my iPod, and there’s certainly a place for that, but I am also conscious of the fact that in my own work, that what you say and what you do matters.”

Which helps to prove that just because you’re a politician, it doesn’t mean you’re the only one allowed to be political.