There is no crosswalk at Main and W. 1st Streets, and yet there’s one in the middle of the block by the hospital (2 of 2).


(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Traveling southbound on State Street. You see a yellow sign warning about the forthcoming crosswalk.

Then a flashing yellow light.

Finally, the crosswalk itself.

However, we’ve been told that nothing comparable can be done here …

 … presumably because the state still controls this stretch of road, and the city’s hands are tied. But why are caution lights sufficient at one heavily-trafficked stretch, and not another?

At times like this, you find yourself thinking. Ignoring for a moment whether the city might have resolved to act aggressively in favor of safety for all users, and pushed the state harder prior to last year’s “get it paved by election time” project on W. Main Street, it remains that we possess the ability to lobby INDOT for better terms.

His name is Ed Clere, and he’s our state representative. He’d likely be able to help. He’s done so before, as during the negotiations between state and city for the relinquishment of 111.

Consequently, here’s my next question: Has anyone from City Hall bothered to ask Ed Clere for help?

I think the answer is painfully obvious.