Jeff Gahan’s impressive historic building hypocrisy at this year’s Facelift Awards.


Over at the pan-fried paper, Jerod Clapp quotes Mayor Jeff Gahan on the occasion of the 9th annual New Albany Facelift Awards.

Mayor Jeff Gahan said he’s glad to see so many people in New Albany take care to preserve and restore such historic buildings in the city.

“Our city’s two centuries old now and lately, we’ve seen development and businesses show more interest here,” Gahan said. “What’s exciting about the growth of New Albany is we all have the same goals for our historic buildings.”

What Jerod fails to mention, and which I’m delighted to note, is that when the mayor sought to make a few ineffectual jabs in the general direction of “affordable housing” prior to re-election, and a historic tavern building stood in the way … well, in this instance we all didn’t “have the same goals for our historic buildings,” and the combined weight of officialdom couldn’t wait to tear that mother down in spite of one solid and reputable proposal to rehabilitate it.

Let’s look back. After all, it’s been only a year and a half.

Squeals of arousal and delight resound across the 3rd council district as more of the city’s history bites the dust.

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The 3rd district councilman did not acquit himself well, either.

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Aren’t they cute?

Follow the slush, my boy.

Always follow the slush.