Al Knable’s thoughtful and compassionate statement about Chloe Allen’s death.


Al Knable (NA City Council at Large), on Facebook.

Earlier this month Ms. Chloe Allen was fatally injured while walking across one of New Albany’s busiest intersections.

As the accident investigation is ongoing I will not speculate as to fault in this event. Accounts vary.
Everyone agrees, however, that Ms. Allen was a wonderful woman whose life ended prematurely while out running some simple errands. I regret not having met her.

There is an inherent risk in traveling. We’re all consciously or unconsciously aware of this. Whether crossing the street or the breadth of the country danger exists. Walkers, bikers, boarders, motorists all share this risk as assuredly as they do the road itself. It’s one of the reasons we all relish sitting in our favorite chair upon coming home, sighing in unspoken acknowledgment that we returned safely.

But Chloe didn’t make it back this time.

Statistically the chance of injury is small, but it can never be zero. For Ms. Allen’s friends and family, statistics hold no comfort.

I anxiously await the final report of the investigation of this accident.

I hope we can learn from it- as individuals and as a city.

As fellow travelers I hope we will learn to slow down and look out for one another. We have to care for one another.

As a city I hope we can muster the discipline and trust to work with one another. Study the problem. Design, fund and implement changes that will make our roads as safe as they can be for all citizens- pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. We must. It’s our duty.

In the meantime I’ll be praying for Chloe’s family, as well as for the driver involved in this accident and her family. I hope they may find peace at the end of their mourning and take some comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their sorrow nor in their wish for better days.