The rise and fall and ??? of Red Dragon Pub.


I’m fairly well attuned to the local food and drink community, but the rise and fall of Red Dragon (Main Street) seemed to occur entirely off the grid.

January 3

We had a good lunch at the Red Dragon Pub.

February 13

Red Dragon Pub remains open, but Red Dragon Pub’s restaurant is “temporarily” closed.

At Red Dragon’s inception, Caitlin Bowling offered a preview at Insider Louisville, but I missed it. She shed a bit of light on ownership and motives.

Roughly six weeks ago, I glimpsed an on-line real estate listing for the building and business, but the price was so ludicrous that it quickly passed from view. At about the same time during nice weather, tables and chairs appeared on the sidewalk by the pub entrance, effectively blocking the path for wheelchair users, but before I had the chance to investigate, the furniture disappeared. Perhaps this is when the pub ceased operations, or maybe a city official actually did his or her job.

What does it all mean? I know as little now as I did in January, and at this point, it probably doesn’t matter.