It’s “important to be respectful to those who choose to make New Albany their final resting place.”

Hizzoner says this one’s got to go. Reminds him too much of a middle finger.

It’s (finally) a hopeful sign to see Fairview and West Haven getting some long-deferred attention.

March 10, 2014

Neglect of Fairview Cemetery merely reflects generational neglect of entire downtown neighborhoods, but hey — we’ll have a pool.

I have one word for Team Gahan: TREES. Here’s the press release.*

Mayor Gahan’s incredibly awkward quote is underlined in bold. It’s easy to see why they keep him away from the public as much as possible, isn’t it?

Improvements to Fairview and West Haven Cemeteries

Fairview Cemetery and West Haven Cemetery will undergo renovations this summer.

At Fairview Cemetery, the City is repairing and installating a new ceiling for the mausoleum after the current ceiling suffered water damage. Additionally, the historic, decorative stone retaining wall is being shored up and repaired with like-materials. The City is also replacing a chain-link portion of fencing with a new metal fencing that will match the historic rod-iron. Additionally, all rod-iron throughout the cemetery will be repaired and restored.

At West Haven, the City is milling and resurfacing the roadway into the cemetery. As you enter the cemetery, there will be a new arched-style gate (similar to the current one at Fairview) installed, and the current chain-link fence will be replaced with decorative metal fencing.

“It’s very important that we are respectful to those who take great pride in making New Albany their longtime home, and equally as important to be respectful to those who choose to make New Albany their final resting place,” stated Mayor Gahan.

* I must append this blog comment.

Since when is “wrought iron” referred to as “rod iron”? Doesn’t anyone proof read copy? Many know that “rod iron” is iron cut from flat bar iron in a slitting mill to provide the raw material for nails. It isn’t “wrought” iron.