Here’s the latest in the Great NABC Non-Buyout Saga of 2016.


The last time I wrote about the Great NABC Non-Buyout Saga 2016 was January 15.

Another twist in the Great NABC Non-Buyout Saga 2016.

Contrary to what you may have heard, I remain an owner of the two NABC entities. That’s because since my last report, there has been no further progress with buyout negotiations.

I’m offering today’s update because so many of you keep asking me what’s happening, and conversely, because I’ll tell the truth.

But first, I’m both humbled and appreciative of the many nice comments via e-mail and during streetside chats. You know who you are. Thank you.    

In short: The actions of my business partners have placed me in the position of being the purely silent, one-third owner of two restaurant/brewery entities, obliged to absorb my share of liabilities and risks, but with no input into operations, and sans remuneration since early 2015.

We’ve probably taken the “friendly” negotiations as far as they can go; six months and roughly one and a half inches, and it’s time for a different tactic. I suppose legal mechanisms must now come into play, and as Vonnegut would say, “So it goes.”

Obviously, my intent remains to sell. However, it’s called a “buy-sell,” and not a “give-donate,” for a reason.

A final thought: My goal for NABC over a period of 25 always was to build something that would endure as a team concept, not sink or swim based on the presence or abilities of just one component. It does not flatter me to hear you say, even jokingly, that you’ll refrain from patronizing NABC because of this buyout imbroglio.

Please understand that doing so can’t help me, and yet can hurt employees and staff. If the experience is still good, then keep enjoying it. One way or another, my situation will be resolved.

Thanks again for asking. I genuinely appreciate it.