The corrupt NCAA monopoly: “American society is lying to itself about the virtues of its favorite form of entertainment.”


Joe Nocera was mentioned at NAC for the first time in January, 2012.

Weekend reading update: College sports reform, J. Edgar Hoover and hypocrisy.

It’s been four years, but I am delighted to see that LEO’s Yarmuth has caught the college sports reform bug. Preach it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No more student-athletes, by Aaron Yarmuth (LEO)

As a lifelong U of L Cardinals fan and someone who loves college sports, I know this may sound shocking: I propose removing the word athlete from the term student-athlete. The time has long passed to divorce organized athletics from the institutions of higher learning, which serve as host subjects for a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. Students should play intramural sports, and young men and women interested in a career in sports should not do it in college but pursue that path in an open and honest way by attending an academy of sports. And hey — if it doesn’t work out for them, they can always go to college.

Let me explain.