As Stephon Moore tries to jump-start the Southern Indiana Young Democrats, Mr. Disney drones.

Beware New Washingtonians with muzzles.

Amid the ‘Bama-chained newspaper’s many Clark County stories, hipster enrichment tweets and cooking school blurbs in today’s edition, there’s this.

Southern Indiana Young Democrats group springs into action; First meeting will be after tonight’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner in New Albany, by Aprile Rickert (We Live in Louisville and Work in Jeffersonville Gazette)

SOUTHERN INDIANA — A New Albany man is working to get off the ground a group he hopes can fill a political gap in Southern Indiana.

Stephon Moore, 22, is trying to rally young people to be part the Southern Indiana Young Democrats, an organization that he hopes will bring young people in Clark and Floyd counties, and beyond, together to get involved in the party.

Ironically, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephon last evening at the Southern Indiana Equality quarterly meeting, and he made it a point to tell me about the gathering tonight at Brooklyn and The Butcher.

I’m a few years older than 35, but allow me to thank him publicly.

Moore’s chat takes place following the DemoDisneyDixiecratic Knitting Circle function at The Grand, which for some unknown reason continues to celebrate Andrew Jackson’s prowess at engineering Native American genocide.

Not only that, but for $40 a plate, you get stand-up comedy.

… Adam Dickey, Democratic party chair for Floyd County and the 9th District, said there was a group several years ago in his county, but it dissolved. He’s glad to see Moore and his peers stepping up to fill the space left behind.

“This is a great opportunity for young people,” he said. “Especially those who have a belief that we can do better than what we’re seeing from state and other government, to come out and support good candidates for public office.”

I love it: “State and OTHER government.”

Does the non-elected Mr. Disney mean his local government, where he has more power than most office holders who aren’t afraid to face the electorate — or is he just really that funny?