Tiger Trucking’s affectionate “fuck you” to the residents of New Albany.


Last week I walked the Greenway from the amphitheater, going east. My exit point was just to the right …

…of the Loop Island Wetlands sign. Moments before, exiting the Greenway near this inspiring sight …

 … a carload of out-of-towners stopped and asked me if the wetlands were near (yes, just over there) and whether it was legal for them to park (yes, on the tannery side as far as I know).

I hadn’t seen the sign in the first photo, threatening trespassers with towing, and of course making no effort to explain the situation in coherent detail.

Of course, Tiger’s area near the Greenway/Loop Island portal has been an unsightly, trash-ridden disgrace for a long time. But the company doesn’t stop there.

Ever since the Main Street beautification project, Tiger has used tiny 13th Street as a de facto company connecting road although urban residential areas.

Throughout, a cowardly City Hall has done nothing. It’s hard to determine which entity, Tiger Trucking or City Hall, is capable of greater flights of anti-social behavior. Just now that in the case of Tiger’s signage near the Greenway, the confusion and distaste is in the minds of those people coming to visit.

In effect, Tiger is discouraging tourism.

And, as always, Jeff Gahan remains silent, and does absolutely nothing.