Bill Clinton’s Black Lives Matter comments: “Slick Willie can’t talk his way out of this one.”


I’m so old, I can remember when Hillary Clinton evolved on the issue of same-sex marriage.

That’d be 2013.

Bill Clinton’s Black Lives Matter Comments Were Revealingly Honest, by Lincoln Blades (Rolling Stone)

For once we got to see a white person who’s done real harm to our community say what he truly believes

… There are some, both within and outside of the black community, who will say former President Clinton should be banned from public events after this week’s outburst. But I disagree. Bill Clinton’s Nineties-era policies, with Hillary Clinton’s support at the time, have irreparably harmed the black community by using racially coded language to support mass incarceration and damaging “welfare reform” — yet they’ve retained much of the goodwill Bill earned them by donning his Blues Brothers shades on Arsenio Hall. For Bill Clinton to more or less announce that he doesn’t give a damn about the Black Lives Matter movement is great to hear as a supporter of the movement, because I really appreciate knowing where people stand.