“Pence’s attack on women’s rights, and on Indiana.”


And Ron Grooms sticks to Pence like glue.

Tully: Pence’s attack on women’s rights, and on Indiana, by Matthew Tully (Indy Star)

Time and again, Gov. Mike Pence has hurt Indiana with his ideological obsessions. This time, he has signed an abortion bill that has been condemned by doctors and many others.

For the 11 years I’ve written this column, I’ve largely avoided one topic: Abortion.

I’ve avoided it for many reasons. For one, I saw no way that anything I wrote could help, even a little, in a debate that is as fierce and divisive as anything in American life. Second, and much more important, I truly believe that on this issue the voices of women are more powerful and compelling than any words I could produce. And, finally, I have to be honest and admit that I have never once felt comfortable writing or even talking about this topic.

I’m sorry.

I apologize because my desire to avoid this topic led me to keep my mouth shut in recent months as Gov. Mike Pence once again thrust Indiana into an unnecessary and harmful culture war. I’m sorry because my discomfort led me to sit by as Republican state lawmakers and our horribly misguided and miscast governor waged a war on women’s rights and continued to damage the state so many of us love so dearly.