John Gregg undergoes a pre-election LGBT conversion.


In a recent article about John Gregg’s evolution since 2012, John Krull offered this quote: “You shouldn’t lock the steering wheel in life, because the road does bend.”

There’s a reserved seat for Mike Pence in dustbin of history, and yet I still need convincing about Gregg. In 2012, he came off as exactly the sort of  non-Democratic Faux Democrat we’ve learned from experience to loathe here in Floyd County.

We’ll see.

A one-on-one with the Indiana Democrat looking to take down Mike Pence, by By Rick Sutton (The Word, via NUVO)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The Word, central Indiana’s LGBT monthly publication, is paying close attention to the 2016 election cycle. The Word’s Political Editor, Rick Sutton, sat down with Indiana Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg for a recent interview, which is featured in the April issue. A similar interview or guest column has been requested of incumbent Republican Gov. Mike Pence. That request remains open. NUVO will reprint that interview or column, if it ever happens.]

Former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg is the Democratic nominee for governor. It’s his second try — in 2012, his campaign ran afoul of the LGBT community for divisive statements regarding Indiana’s then-pending Constitutional amendment on marriage.

After that hard-fought but losing campaign, Gregg considered his options and decided to seek the state’s top job in 2016. As part of that process, one of his major considerations was LGBT civil rights —and he arrived at different conclusions than his 2012 campaign proclaimed.