We measure in inches: ADA sidewalk requirements are crucial, unless we don’t bother enforcing them.


Board of Public Works and Safety, 03-29-16.

As a preface to what follows, see the photo above. Parking on the sidewalk on this one block is an everyday occurrence, and has been for years. Not weeks or months, years.

Now, read about the critical importance of ADA access requirements.

To Feast’s credit, restaurant staff comes to the Bored of Works and Frivolity seeking permission to have outdoor seating. City engineer Summers offers a stern lecture about width of passage. The request is approved. Meanwhile, four blocks away …

Another downtown merchant takes the initiative to come before the Bored, this time with reference to a sign. Once again, Summers specifies requirements to the inch.

Approval is granted. Meanwhile, four blocks away …

Hell, over on Cherry Street, where Jeff Gahan’s phantom street “calming” measures are about as well known as the Bulgarian Women’s Choir  songbook, we’re actually issuing tickets for cars parking on the sidewalk in self-defense.

Meanwhile, over on 3rd Street …

Dude: Does Charles Jones have the nude photos hidden somewhere, or what?