Utica: “Caught in the path of an approaching juggernaut being driven by everyone else’s development goals.”


Perhaps “told ya so” isn’t the most diplomatic utterance.

It’s surprising that N and T’s platoon of Clark County reporters missed this story. Perhaps they were at Eastside, rolling out the folding chairs for Cooking School.

Utica leader on bridge: ‘Our town’s destroyed’, by Lexy Gross (Courier-Journal)

When the East End bridge project began in 2012, the top elected official of Utica, Ind., was “thrilled to death” for the span that would connect his town of 800 to Prospect, Ky.

Those dreams of economic development and growth now seem far-fetched, said Utica Council President Steve Long as he sat in the town’s community center, his truck parked out back with fresh bread in the backseat awaiting delivery.

“Our town’s destroyed,” he said. “… I know construction takes time and makes a mess, but you reap the benefits. Utica is not reaping the benefits.”