Have a look at Vinod Gupta’s Discounted IN Properties.


Earlier in March, the newspaper reported the redevelopment commissions’s Lancaster’s deal.

NEW ALBANY — After sitting vacant, blighted and vandalized for years, New Albany’s Redevelopment Commission approved the purchase of all six parcels of the former Tommy Lancaster restaurant at 1629 E. Market St.

This week, the commission approved the purchase of the parcels — which included the building and the area around it — for $78,840.

It turns out that the Floridian seller, Vinod Gupta, is a big-time dealer in “discounted” properties (thanks to T for the link).

Vinod Gupta’s Discounted IN Properties

Discounted Indiana Properties provides homes, land, or investment property throughout the state of Indiana. Discounted Indiana Properties provides contracts for those who are want to invest but looking for alternative financing options.

The owner, Vinod Gupta, has been investing in properties for over 20 years and has found a way to provide a product for those individuals who are looking for alternative financing solutions when purchasing investment properties, a new home, or recreational property.

Prices are subject to change at any time due to improvements. All homes are purchased in bulk and the owner (Vinod Gupta) has never lived in the property and all parcels are sold “as is” and all inspections, surveys, appraisals or title search are at the expense of the buyer. No property is warranted and all properties are offered as a Quit Claim Deed only unless expressly written and agreed between owner Vinod Gupta and buyer.

Vinod Gupta is not a bank or financial institution and does not claim to provide the services of such. Vinod Gupta offers homes at 10 % down with 12% interest and no prepayment penalty.

It makes one wonder if Gupta’s customary sales routine was modified to suit a municipal buyer. What’s next for Gupta Land?

We cringed and had a look:

Coming soon: The Gupta Vincennes Revitalization Project, built to Caesar-surface glam standards.