Distrust of atheists: “Deeply and culturally ingrained.”


According to the studies, atheists like me distrust each other, too. If true, I’m not sure this isn’t a clear-headed place to be all of the time, rather than one reflecting personal views of imagined deities.

“Trust” itself might be the topic of another whole study. In the interim, meet the research.  

Anti-atheist distrust ‘deeply and culturally ingrained’, study finds, by Peter Yeung (The Independent)

… “Looking to the future, it is also important to explore how these perceptions and attitudes toward atheists manifest behaviourally, whether people act on these prejudices and in what contexts. It is only once the nature and extent of the issue is better understood that we can take measures to address it.”

A study by the University of Cambridge last month discovered that, contrary to popular belief, vast swathes of the ancient world did not believe in Gods.