Minutes from the March “merchant mixer” meeting.

That’s the Carnegie over yonder.

I’ve passing these minutes along verbatim; as noted elsewhere, I don’t have the list of questions prepared for Mickey Thompson, answered by David Duggins, and supplemented later by a more complete mailing.

The next merchant “mixer” meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19, at 8:30 a.m. It will be hosted by the Carnegie Center, on the corner of Spring and Bank.

Police Chief Todd Bailey is being invited to the next meeting. If you’re reading this and have a question, send it to me and I’ll forward to the right persons.

Merchant/Business meeting (at Wick’s Pizza)

Date: March 15th, 2016

Call to order: Kim Johnson

In Attendance: 38

New Business & Updates:

Thanks to everyone that attended our March meeting. We want to thank Brad again for hosting our meeting.

Mickey Thompson was unable to attend our meeting but Dave Duggins was at the meeting and answered some of the questions. Dave will get with Mickey and they will be sending us the additional answers. 6 Will put extra trash pickup on schedule, 8 yes painting of parking will happen 9 yes they will let us know, 10 once weather stays warmer, street cleaners will be back. Call 812 948 5352 for street department regarding potholes or clean up. Dave and Mickey will compile more answers and send out.

It was suggested we need additional trash cans and a question was ask about possible bike racks. The City is currently working on a plan. Another question ask if you were allowed to put your own bike rack at your business? If you were going to put your own bike rack up, you would need Board of Works approval.

Several broke down vehicles are parked in Downtown; this would be handled by the traffic department, 812-948-5303.

Stacy asked if parking lot owners could have a tax benefit to open up for public parking, the city cannot offer discounts except on New business but Dave said he would see if there is other benefits that could help. It is bad for parking lots to be closed off for all how zones. City is currently in the process of buying empty lots behind the brewery, hopefully will be adding some parking. It was suggested if a 1st street sign could be added to the corner, they felt that would solve some of the problem.

Roger brought up the importance of utilizing public parking for business owners and customers it is not that far. Matt asked how many people at the meeting actually park in the garage. Only 2 people said they use the garage, so remember if you park in front of your neighbors they are doing the same. It was suggested to park in the garage and if you have safety concerns one solution could be to move your car closer to your business/shop later in the day or call the police department and they would escort you to your car. The lights in the garage are checked frequently but if you see a light out please contact the city immediately. The second and third level of the garage is free all the time; we need to help spread the word to other business owners, employees and customers. If you are hosting an event please encourage parking in the garage and if you are expecting a large group call the city and they may be able to reserve spots for you. The more people out walking the more eyes out for a safer place.

Ribbon Cuttings
April 4th Gospel Bird 11am
April 8th – Green Earth Outdoors 3:30 pm
April 21st – Eventful 203 4:30 pm
Adrienne’s has not yet scheduled ribbon cutting, so stay tuned.

Car Show – May 15, some streets will be closed.
Tri at the Y has been CANCELLED
Fest of Ale – June 4th 3 pm to 7 pm – Held at the Riverfront Amphitheater – Possible vendor opportunity. This is fund raiser event for the WHAS Crusade for Children. More information will be given as we receive.
April 23rd the great diaper event at the Farmers market.
July Hair Spray the Musical
Please see attached letter from Fire Chief Matthew Juliot

Jason Applegate with Extol Magazine talked to the group about advertising opportunities. They cover from Madison, Jasper, Scottsburg they target larger businesses ads because of the look of the magazine they want. He loves local small businesses though so they are offering 12 businesses a month, your name goes in the pool they are offering heavily discounted prices $200 and one free let him know If you want in the pool jason@extolmag.com 502-338-5083. Again he loves local and wants to help. One business will be featured monthly too.

We are proud to announce Today’s women has nominated Angie Fenton, Adrienne and Stefanie Griffith, please support them.

Tourism updates from Luanne they are hosting adult softball May 12th to the 15th; they are promoting to bring in more people. They will be playing in Clarksville, Jeffersonville and in New Albany at Anderson Park. Tourism will be promoting national travel week the 1st week of May. She also visited Midwest Living Magazine to promote our area, Ian Hall and Matt McMahon also attended.

April 16th Brunch menu at Brooklyn and the Butcher will launch.

Courtney with the City is working on a volunteer clean up day. She asks if you know of an area that needs attention or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact her. Clean up date is set for April 23rd from 8 am to 1 pm.

Larry Ricke was on the Board of Develop New Albany when first started and we appreciated his comment at the meeting. Larry said when Develop New Albany was first started this right here was the Vision. And now the Vision has become Reality. Thanks Larry, we can all be proud of what we have in New Albany

Question with Answers are attached.

We will continue to send out the minutes from the meetings but we would love for you to come and be a part of the discussion and suggestions. Hope to see you in April.
If you are interested in hosting one of our meetings, please let us know.

Next meeting:
April 19th – 8:30 am – The Carnegie Center

Adjourn: Kim Johnson